Apartment 4 · Superior


Gertrude Bell (1868-1926) was a writer, traveler, political scientist and British colonial administrator that became known as “The Queen of Iraq” because she contributed to the creation of the national museum in this country. Gertrude developed a love towards the Arab peoples, she learned their languages, investigated their archaeological sites and travelled deep into the desert by camel, by car or on horseback.


This apartment is located in the former dining room of the property and has its original floor made of Sierra Elvira marble and hydraulic tiles. Also its bathroom is made of clay from Priego.

The living room contains a French style fireplace, a sofa bed and a folding bed. Besides, the apartment has a sunny balcony overlooking the courtyard, where you can read peacefully. The kitchen also has a large balcony which overlooks the beautiful patio.

Bed type: 2 twin beds and 2 sofa bed.

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    General characteristics


    • Family rooms
    • Elevator
    • Heating
    • Keep the bags

    • Air conditioner

    • Private parking (nearby)

    • Breakfast service

    • Appetizer

    • Tourist information

    • Shuttle (payment service)

    • Free Wi-Fi Internet
    • Flat screen TV
    • Air conditioner
    • Refrigerator and microwave
    • Washing machine and dishwasher
    • Classic and elegant apartments
    • Finishes in wood and marble
    • Beautiful views of the city