Apartment 6 · Superior


Freya Stark (1893-1993) was born in Paris. For her ninth birthday she received One Thousand and One Nights and became fascinated with the Orient. She went to Damascus to study the Druze. She dominated Turkish, Arabic and Persian languages. She traveled through these regions where she took pictures and wrote 30 books. In 1930, she located the “Valleys of the Assassins” and the “fortress of Alamut” in Iran.


This apartment has the highest ceiling of the house and a majestic balcony overlooking the Fernando Colón Street because it used to be the living room of the original house. Besides, the kitchen and bathroom, it possesses a bedroom with a canopy bed.

The antique furnishing provides an unusual contrast to the modernity of the equipment (European profile windows).

Bed type: 1 twin bed and 1 sofa bed.

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    General characteristics


    • Family rooms
    • Elevator
    • Heating
    • Keep the bags

    • Air conditioner

    • Private parking (nearby)

    • Breakfast service

    • Appetizer

    • Tourist information

    • Shuttle (payment service)

    • Free Wi-Fi Internet
    • Flat screen TV
    • Air conditioner
    • Refrigerator and microwave
    • Washing machine and dishwasher
    • Classic and elegant apartments
    • Finishes in wood and marble
    • Beautiful views of the city